#9 Thackery Binx, what took thee so long? (losing a stone and loving it!)


Yeah, you.

Shhh… come closer. I need to tell you a thing.

Yeah, that’s right. Closer… closer…

Too close… a little too close.

Wait. Where was I? OH YES!

Firstly, sorry it’s been a while. I took an unintentional hiatus so close to the birth of The Year of Fit and I apologise. But I promise I wasn’t being naughty. I was still working hard and sorting the ol’ noggin out.

But I just wanted to say that, as of this morning, I have officially lost a stone. AND OH MY DAYS, was that a struggle.

As you may have spotted in much earlier posts, I lost my first half stone after only a week or so. In fact, I was at 12 pounds lost after two weeks and then… nothing. I neither lost nor gained weight until today… the month milestone, if you will.

Now obviously this felt a little disheartening for a while. I was still eating well and I was working out. In fact, my running time had increased, my diet had improved more so and I felt like this should be the time, surely, to see the serious weight drop.


But what I didn’t count for was muscle weight and general toning. And after looking at myself in the mirror *shudder*  I definitely saw a difference in my shape. Changes were happening, it wasn’t all about my weight.

But still, it was nice to see the scales sit happily at 14 stone this morning.

14 stone! That’s a pound away from being 13 something!


So that was one thing.

A couple other things that have happened in my absence are as follows.

1. I finally made the change to Vegan. I’ll DEFINITELY talk more about that soon.

2. I’ve become far more sociable.

3. I’ve become more comfortable doing things on my own. I bought my first ticket to go solo to a gig. Actually, I bought two… two separate gigs, obviously.

4. I signed up for an insane Survival Race in August. So that’s a new goal to hit.

I’ve got some awesome things I want to write about and I promise I will do very soon. The last week or so has shown me just how valuable this platform is. I’ve missed it.

I’ll be back

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