#7 Feel the Rhythm, feel the rhyme: songs to run to

So I seem to have made an unspoken agreement with myself to try and update daily.

… we’ll see how long that lasts.

ANYWAY… just a short one today.

As someone fairly new to the running gig, I am working my way through the NHS Couch to 5K app on my phone. And I’m definitely seeing some positive results. But I’ll go more into detail about this next week.

Due to the cold weather, my lungs aren’t a massive fan of outdoor running at the moment. So I’ve taken to hauling ass to the gym to use the treadmill. And what’s great is that you can’t help but keep a steady pace when on the treadmill. You set a speed and you go for it.

However, it IS hard to figure out what speed you should try. So I’ve been using the following three songs as markers for the sort of pace I want to be keeping. And maybe, if you are new to running and fancy giving the app a go, you’ll find them helpful.





2 thoughts on “#7 Feel the Rhythm, feel the rhyme: songs to run to

  1. Great idea to use the music for rhythm. I know when I used to run, that would happen but I never really thought about. When I finally get back to it, I will make sure to try this intentionally.


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