#4 Dieting… is not a thing. GASP! or: no to diet plans, yes to lifestyle changes

So one word that keeps coming up in conversations of late is the term dieting… or diet.

“Oh, so you’re dieting?”

“What diet are you on?”

“How’s your diet going?”

And here’s the interesting thing. I’m not dieting. Because I don’t believe the word ‘dieting’ to actually exist.

If people conspire that Valentines Day was created by the card companies as another means to sell a product, then let’s assume that the term ‘dieting’ was created by food and pharmaceutical companies to get at your hard earned cash.

The word diet has been defined as:

the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

Think about that for a moment. The key word here isn’t diet, it’s habit.

We are all on a diet. From the moment we’re born (actually, even before that), we are consuming food. Sustenance in order to survive. That is our diet.

So stereotypical, sweaty, pale, overweight Joe sitting in McDonald’s, swallowing down his Big Mac and fries… is on a diet. Possibly a diet of malnutrition and artery abuse but it’s a diet. His diet. He is habitually eating junk food.

See what I’m getting at?

So am I on a diet? Well yes, I’ve always been on a diet. But am I “On A Diet”… no. I’ve merely changed my eating habit to one better suited for, oh y’know, a long healthy life and a clear complexion (save alien invasion, a hornet attack to the face or, well, whatever.)

Since I published the first post on this blog to my Facebook, friends have been asking me what my secret is.

“So what diet are you on?”

“No diet. I’ve just addressed my relationship with food and now better understand what I want to put in my mouth on a daily basis”.

“So salad’s and sh!t like that?”

“… sure.”

Oh and as a side note, I’ll be writing a post soon about being a vegetarian and how you CAN actually still put on weight… despite only being able to eat ‘salad’s and sh!t like that’

But getting back to diets…

Over the years, I’ve tried my fair share of food plans. That’s what I’m going to refer to them as from now on; Food plans.

Slimfast, Atkins, Juicing, one back at University where I just ate rice… but that might have been due to pre-loan payment poverty. And though these food plans have worldwide success… what happens when you come off them? Because you can’t drink milkshakes for breakfast and lunch every day for the rest of your life… when will you find time for pancakes and cheese toasties?

These plans are simply short-term fixes for much larger issues. They’re the eating version of, oh I dunno, spilling red wine on the carpet and covering it with a rug. One day someone is going to move that rug. And one day you’re going to hit your goal weight and have to start eating normal people food again. And when you do… your body is going to go into panic mode.



I’ve seen too many people do these crazy liquid diets to then move onto solid food again and suddenly be bigger than they ever were before. Because their body just couldn’t cope. And because they didn’t look into the other factors that help you keep the pounds off…

Exercise. Drinking enough water. Chewing…

So my advice to you, if you wish to take any advice from what I had written today, is this…

Stop using the word diet. It’s not the word you’re looking for. The word you want to use is habit. A change in habit. If you want to lose the pounds, change your habit…

Plan your meals and snacks for the day so you’re not tempted to grab a bag of crisps from the vending machine.

Eat slowly so you can understand when you’re full… and then stop.

Drink enough water.

Remove temptation from your living space.

And walk places…. with your feet… not your car feet.

They’re little things. Such little acts yet the change you will find in yourself will be surprised.


3 thoughts on “#4 Dieting… is not a thing. GASP! or: no to diet plans, yes to lifestyle changes

  1. Every diet out there tries to say it is a lifestyle change. I could never understand when on them. I would think, there is no way I ca. Live like this. For the first I am just doing what I feel I need to do slowly and it feels like a lifestyle change. I think I finally understand.


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