#2 Boots don’t like it when you weigh yourself naked in their stores or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the scales

For anyone who wants to try lose some weight, I would recommend buying scales and embracing them.

… mentally embracing them. Leave the physical embrace to when you meet your goal weight, alright?

I’ve always had scales in my bathroom but I rarely used them… because they were the devil’s work. Yet even when I DID weigh myself, when the blue moon cometh, I never really did a thing about the results I saw. I just looked at the numbers, shrugged and went back to my old ways.

A friend of mine who is joining me on this fitness mission didn’t own scales and didn’t want to. Again, this was down to that fear we all have of what we’ll see when we stand on them. But it’s easy to turn that negativity around when you realise that they’re a tool… not a threat.

I now get on my scales every morning.

They say you should always weigh yourself at the same time of day to get a more consistent reading… and I like the morning because it tends to be when your body is at it’s lightest.

I tried to find a hilarious image of someone trying to balance on one leg in the hope to make themselves lighter. Nothing came up so here’s a cute picture of an owl and a kitten kissing. You’re welcome.

ANYWAY… back to my friend.

When she told me she didn’t want to own scales, I suggested she still get them. And like me, she should use them as a positive in line with my new ‘Standing on the Scales’ mantra.

“A mantra?!”, I hear you cry. “How exciting. Please, do tell!”

Alright then… I will! Every morning, as I stand on those scales, I look at the weight before me and say aloud:

“I will never be this heavy again”

And it works, it helps.

Now I appreciate that weight can flux, even when you are working on your diet and fitness… but there’s always a little room for leeway in the Alex Weight Mantra so relax.


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